Giving Back... that is what we love to do! IEP Gives is BACK!


Boise Wedding Productions is honored and humbled to have the opportunity to help tell the story of a deserving family for the second year of IEP Gives! #iepgives IEP stands for Idaho Event Professionals and is a group of the best and most amazing wedding and event professionals Boise has to offer! Last year we started an event to give back to the community by providing a deserving family a wedding event of a lifetime!

Last year we started the IEP event by helping Kelvin Peters have the wedding reception of a lifetime for his three young daughters. He was diagnosed with terminal cancer and desperately wanted to have the opportunity to have his first dance with his three daughters. Watch the film we created for the family below...

Wedding Wishes from Boise Wedding Productions on Vimeo.

Kelvin lost his battle with cancer months later, and we are SO happy we were able to help him create memories for his daughters that will last a lifetime.

THIS YEAR we have a new family and a NEW story to share! Boise Wedding Productions will be creating a custom wedding film for Jim and Rebecca and their family! Please read the blog post from the IEP website below to learn more about their story!


From the IEP Blog...

Together since 2008, Jim and Rebecca have experienced more heartache and challenges than most couples experience in a lifetime.  They welcomed with open arms a sweet baby girl, Teariny, in July of 2009.  Within weeks of her birth they learned that Teariny was not going to have the simple, enjoyable life that most young children experience. She was diagnosed with CASK gene mutation and a mitochondrial condition which has resulted in her global developmental delay, feeding problems, chronic bouts of lactic acidosis, pancreatitis and a suppressed immune system.  Teariny is somewhat of a medical anomaly.  The family was told by a top mitochondrial specialist at Seattle Children’s Hospital that as far as he knows, she is unique in her particular gene deletions, making her difficult to treat. Rebecca and Jim have been told that her prognosis is uncertain and that her chances for a long life are unlikely, given her compromised immune system.

The family

Teariny has had multiple hospitalizations.  Her most recent hospitalization at St. Luke’s Children’s Hospital lasted over a month during the Fall of 2014.  During this time, Rebecca was also assisting her mother and father, both who suffer from chronic health issues, while caring for her other three children: William, 10 months, Zane, age 2 and Keighley, age 4.  All the while, dad Jim was busy working extra hours to support his family and to pay for their many medical expenses.

Through the many trials they have experienced, they have all along the way been dreaming of being married.  Each year they plan to have a small wedding, but it isn’t a possibility with Teariny’s health and the financial burdens on the family. They dream of sharing a happy, joyous time as a family and also make their lasting commitment of enduring love with their family and closest friends.

It is the great honor of Idaho Event Professionals to sponsor this family in celebrating their love and being married.  There have been too many hard times in this family’s past, and likely there will be more in their future. We look forward to blessing their lives so they can share this union together with their children and cherish the memories in the face of future trials.

We appreciate the sponsorship of many vendors in the Boise area and are still accepting vendor sponsorships and donations.  Please contact Kristin Cole at 371-8848 or to get involved.