Hello friends, family, and clients! Boise Wedding Productions recently had the opportunity to participate in an incredible event through our association with Idaho Event Professionals.  A local family had a wedding wish granted!  21 year old Kaitlin Peters is about to lose her father to terminal cancer.  Realizing that she and her sisters will never be able to share a wedding dance with him, she dreamed of an event where they could share this important milestone before he passes away.  Idaho Event Professionals was able to make this a reality for this family through 100% donations from local wedding and event vendors.Boise Wedding Productions is honored that we could also be part of this special event.
Also, the family is being faced with many expenses and financial concerns once dad passes away, as their mom is disabled and unable to work.  If you are interested in donating to this family, even $5, it would make a great difference to them.  Donate here.
Thank you for taking a peek and sharing in this exciting news!  Have a great day!