What did he pull out from under her wedding dress!?

Bri- -Sean.Still004.jpg


Bri + Sean


Oh Bri and Sean...


Talk about a FUN and unpredictable couple! This wedding film pretty much sums it all up in about 10 minutes. First you are laughing, then you are "ugly crying" then back to laughing again! Boise Wedding Productions had so much fun capturing all the crazy and amazing memories from your wedding day!


It was an absolute honor to be there. We found ourselves laughing and crying along with them throughout the day!


Thank you Bri and Sean for trusting Boise Wedding Productions to capture your wedding day memories!


Oh... and as for what Sean pulled out from under Bri's amazing wedding dress? Well.. You are just going to have to watch their wedding film to find out.


Bri + Sean.Still002