New Equipment, New vision. Boise wedding Productions is all in.


WOW! What a year we are having so far! I am so stinking excited about the new name relaunch! As you can see, we also have a new website that is user friendly and AWESOME! Boise wedding Productions has ANOTHER big announcement….. WE HAVE UPGRADED EVERY SINGLE PIECE OF OUR CAMERA EQUIPMENT!

We are shooting on the Canon 70d camera! This camera is a HD video MONSTER! The images created from this camera are absolutely stunning! We went even further and purchased new "glass" (That is cool lingo for LENSES) Having the new camera and lenses is going to make your wedding film look absolutely beautiful!

We also purchased a new steady cam unit, audio recorders, mono pods, and a lot of little things that will help me create amazing videos.

I will post a video on the website ASAP as soon as I get all this awesome equipment set up. I want to SHOW you how awesome this is! Until then, Happy Planning!