Upgrade! Mr. PM Productions is now Boise Wedding Productions


Oh man! Mr. PM Productions has branched out! Last month we decided it was time to expand. I will admit it is scary to try new things, but I know this is for the best. We are now called Boise Wedding Productions. Isn't that awesome! Now don't worry…. Mr. PM Productions is still VERY much in Business! In fact, Mr. PM Productions is the main Company, we just made a branch off the main tree and form Boise Wedding Productions. The same professional, compassionate, award winning service is here! We are just changing the name of our wedding film industry. Why did we do this you ask? The answer is simple really, I want to be the absolute BEST wedding film maker I can be. I want people to instantly KNOW what Boise Wedding Productions does... And lets be honest, when you see "Boise Wedding Productions", you are going to know what we do!

I am very excited for this change, it will have its challenges, but isn't anything worth doing, going to have its own set of challenges?