Wedding Film? Buyer Beware. Music copyright is REAL.



The word that most everyone has heard, and most even know what it means. But, are you at risk for breaking copyright law when you upload your wedding film to the internet? If the person you hired to make your wedding video didn't use the proper method to get your music for your film, then the chances are YES.

That's not good for them, and it is DEFINITELY not good for you! Plus, its just not right! And illegal.


Boise Wedding Productions uses a couple websites where we pick, OR THE BRIDE PICKS the music from, and it is awesome! There are over 2000 songs per website and new songs are added every day!

The first website is

We like this website because there are a LOT of songs that many of you have heard and love! Songs from the radio ect. are found on song freedom but there are a lot of independent artists as well!

The second website we like is

This website is insane! There are so many independent artists! Each song is different and unique! If you are looking for something different that is "yours", then this is the site you want to check out!

copyright headphones

Sometimes, when Boise Wedding Productions meets with the bride, she really wants a popular song for the wedding film, and/or wants the song from their "first dance" ect. While it is OK for those type of songs to be played at a live event like a wedding, it is not Legal to use that song for a video. That is where music copyright comes in.

Some wedding video service providers are IGNORING the copyright issue and are using "any song you like" for the wedding films they make.


They are breaking copyright law! A song on iTunes cost about 2 bucks. A Legally purchased song with streaming rights costs anywhere from 60-500 dollars. So, you can see why some may skip the legal avenue.

If you choose to use someone other than Boise Wedding Productions to create your wedding film that is ok...

BUT please ask them if they respect and adhere to copyright law when they use music for your wedding film. If not, your wedding film could be a liability to you... and them!

BUT if you want peace of mind...just stick with us!

We are awesome, we smell good, and we create the BEST custom Wedding Films in Idaho!

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