Who needs a stinkin' wedding video? "Nah, we don't need that." Umm... YES YOU DO! Let me explain...

      Calculate how many days, weeks, months and even YEARS you have been thinking about and planning your wedding. Your wedding day is more than just the big day! Your wedding is all about the memories you are creating NOW and AT your wedding. You are investing so much time NOW planning your big day. As soon as that day comes... it will be over in a FLASH!

Boise Wedding Productions has seen it first hand...The happy stress and excitement from your wedding day will cause you and your groom to have virtual blinders on. YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO REMEMBER ALL THE AMAZING MEMORIES!


Produced by Boise Wedding Productions

Yes, you will have the photography, BUT your wedding film will preserve SO MUCH MORE. The laughter, tears, voices, and the true love story of your day will be forever preserved in your wedding film from Boise Wedding Productions.

From the standpoint of a bride:

  1. You can forever relive the deepest sense of joy you’ve experienced and remember where it all began
  2. It preserves your personal vows, that took much time, heart and thought to create
  3. Those that were not there to witness your day, can join in the excitement
  4. You can later share the day with your children, grandchildren and extended family
  5. It serves as a family record, once members have passed on

From the standpoint of a groom:

  1. You can revisit the genuine emotion in a real and concrete way, that a still picture can’t recreate
  2. A a couple, you are swept up in the moment, unable to fully take in every detail, moment and sensation. A video will capture the things you missed, only enhancing the days memory.
  3. Behind-the-scenes allows you to witness what you were not able to (ie: your fiance getting ready)
  4. The creative ability, to turn an everyday event into a cinematic movie featuring you, is truly impressive
  5. The enjoyment in seeing your own memories, from the perspective of a bystander, is a rare and unique opportunity
Couples Choice 2015 Cert.

Boise Wedding Productions would LOVE to tell your story! We recently just won the 2014 Couples Choice award! Look at what our Brides have said about getting a wedding film from Boise Wedding Productions. They all say that it is the BEST investment they made!

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Happy Planning!