What a FUN Wedding!


Can you believe it? The wedding season is in FULL swing! Boise Wedding Productions just finished the FIRST wedding film of the season! We Proudly introduce to you, Andrea + Dominic . From the moment we met these two, we knew their wedding was going to be both beautiful and fun. They did not disappoint!

Andrea had everything planned out perfectly. I don't think I saw her stressed ONE time during the whole planning process and also at her OWN wedding! Dominic was awesome at just went with the flow and let the day unfold smoothly!

The reception was themed after a masquerade ball complete with beads, masks and even a LIVE BAND!  The reception was held at the Crystal Ballroom in downtown Boise Idaho. Andrea told me that she LOVES Chandeliers... and well... this center had them! I made sure to highlight on those in their film.

Thank you Andrea and Dominic for allow us to capture your wedding day! The memories we captured and saved for you will last you a full lifetime.

If you are interested in investing with Boise Wedding Productions and want to have your very own wedding film, Contact us today!