Our FIRST Runaway Bride!

Jenn- -Mark-Film.Still003.jpg

We had our first runaway bride in June!  All the stress and anxiety that comes with any soon to be bride just got to be too much for Jennifer on her wedding day. Or it could had been the bad Elvis impersonator... who knows. For Boise Wedding Productions, this was definitely a first!

Oh... did we mention that she decided to come back?   ;) Yeah, it was a joke on the guests and it was a good one as well! People actually thought that she was really gone! All was well when the "real" Officiant came forward and pushed the restart button on the whole ceremony and all lived happily ever after!

On a serious note... Mark and Jenn have kind of become friends to me. I met Jenn at my VERY FIRST WEDDING SHOW over two years ago! She booked me way back then, and we have been waiting for this day to come! Her now husband Mark is active in the military and was gone for a good chunk of their engagement. Jenn did SO well at planning the wedding with two little boys and Mark serving our country!

Then... They found out they were pregnant earlier this year!

They gave birth to a beautiful baby boy, and the wedding was still on track!

The day of the wedding was absolutely stunning! The location, reception area, and ceremony area were PERFECT! Boise Wedding Productions did everything possible to capture the beauty that the day had, and also the love that Mark and Jenn have for each other, and their family.

Thank you Mark and Jenn for letting me tell your story. I hope you LOVE your wedding film!

It was truly an honor to be there on your wedding day.

Boise Wedding Productions proudly presents to you... "Mark + Jenn"