Who WOULDN'T want to find a message in a bottle?


Oh Erin and Abhay..... I almost want to say that you two are TOO cute. Nahh! That is what makes your wedding story so beautiful!

Lets back up a minute... I met Erin way back in college. I say that like we went to college in 1976. Actually it was around 2005 but STILL.. it seems like forever!

We were both RA's in the dorms and quickly became friends. After college we kind of did our own thing and lost touch, but THEN Erin found a message in a bottle, (literally) and just had to contact me. I am so glad she did!

Erin wanted Boise Wedding Productions to tell her story as soon as she knew she was going to have a story to tell. Abhay and Erin are so sweet and loving to each other and it shows! The love at their wedding was electric and that of course radiated into their wedding film!

Erin is also one of the first brides that took advantage of the PRE-WEDDING INTERVIEW!

I sat down with both Erin and Abhay (separately) and asked them a whole bunch of questions, and then I stitched all the interviews together to create a separate film just for them! I did not upload that... BUT A snippet of the whole interview plays at the START of their main wedding film!

Please take a moment and watch Abhay + Erin. Find out what happened AFTER she found that message in a bottle!